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I have been an interior designer for over 27 years and I have always taught my clients the principles I used while decorating their home so they may enjoy decorating too. The home staging trend in residential real estate is a great way to reach more people every day and what I enjoy the most is they are learning the basics of good design through staging. It is my dream for every person to know the joy and pride of living in a decorated home.

Chicken Soup for the Blogger?

As I am cruising around AR this morning before my house guests wake up, I stumble upon a group with a post about my mentor, Mark Victor Hansen, (co-author of all the Chicken Soup for the Soul books) and Blanca brought up a key point MVH makes in his teaching...ask, ask, ask, and ask, and my life passes in front of me, all the good stuff that has happened to me because of his teachings.

I met Mark Victor Hansen 22 years ago when he had only traveled 5 years on his current path. His claim to fame then was his involvement on the board of UPS and his motivational seminars. He was younger and had some hair then (I wonder if he Google Alerts his own name?) and spent a week at my church helping us celebrate our 25th anniversary. He put on a 3 day seminar that just blew us all away.

  1. Ask, ask, ask, and ask! He told the story of his home in Newport Beach CA and it went something like this...actually, it went exactly like this: There was this house in Newport Beach that he wanted to buy but it wasn't for sale. He would pull up to that house every day and CLAIM IT. He would knock on the door and ask the owners if he could buy their house and they would say "No, it is not for sale". He did this repeatedly until they sold him their house. He was living in it at the time I had met him. This one story changed my life. One year later I wandered into a beautiful little beach town called Dana Point in southern CA and claimed it that day even though I could no way afford to live there. Within 6 weeks, I had found a beautiful condo with 180 degree views of the ocean and the work to support it. I lived there for 5 years and felt honored to do so.
  2. Years had passed and in my junk email is see this...'Mark Victor Hansen has a message for you!' I thought to myself that he had found me and wanted to tell me something. Through mass email marketing he reached out to me again, not directly, but the message was that he was backing this marketing guru named Robert Allen and I should check it out. Well I did and that was the beginning of my new ecommerce business I began a whole new direction in my career via the Internet because of the high esteem and value I have for him.
  3. "Super size everything you do in your life" MVH says every week with his inspirational newsletters. The 3rd greatest thing MVH has done for me was to show me how to approach a New Year. He says look back and not forward! Uhuh, that is right...look back at all the great things you accomplished in the past year and write those things down and this act will be the boost into the new year that will do more for you than any resolution. Resolutions come from beating yourself up for things that you haven't accomplished and that is why they fail...they make you feel bad in the get go.

Now here I am, reading a post from an associate in AR and it all comes back to me...thank you Blanca!

Thank you Mark Victor Hansen and thank you AR! 

Happy New Year, New Day, New Hour, New Minute, New Second, New Split Second!


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Hi Sheron, My mom just purchased the Chicken Soup for the Soul book in Spanish and has been reading it since she arrived for her visit here in the States.  Last night she was reading some of the little stories to me and we both were crying like little babies.  WOW you know him in person?  You are so lucky, for what my mom read to me in some of his stories, it seems to me that he has a very interesting life! 

Posted by Blanca Cholewczynski, XCO (U) almost 13 years ago
I knew him before Chicken Soup for the Soul series. He now teaches Mega Speaking and I have yet to take any courses but will in 2007...would you like to take one with me? They are life changing and I have been in a holding pattern for a few years and you need to be ready for the change. I am ready! He says that he and Jack Canfield came up with the idea of compiling stories from regular people (of course MVH would say extraordiary people) and taking that template to every aspect of life...voila! i.e. the whole series of Chicken Soup's...over 80 books published and now the most published book in book history. He has a new book now available in Costco called Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur. 
Posted by Sheron Cardin, ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend! (California Moods Inc) almost 13 years ago
Sheron- I have read 3 of the Chicken Soup series.  (don't know why I haven't read more...I enjoyed them) I really like the "Claim It" advice.  I am curious about his seminars.  I will have to do some research.  :)
Posted by Debi Braulik, Selling Maple Valley to Fife WA Homes For Sale ( almost 13 years ago

Hi Debi,

Interesting spelling of your name. Let me know what you find...I need to get up to speed myself. If you send me your email address...I can forward his latest newsletter.

Posted by Sheron Cardin, ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend! (California Moods Inc) almost 13 years ago

Here Here on the resolution not to do resolutions! I value the advice to honor ourselves for what we have accomplished. You would think we would be our own best cheerleader but too often we allow our inner critic to push into focusing on the negatives. Thanks Sheron. And Happy New Year to you.

Posted by James Frazier (James Frazier Personal Development Coach) almost 13 years ago

Have you noticed how merchandisers in all retail locations anticipate the consumers resolutions? The diet pills and excersize equipment, green tea...all by the front door and on the isles? There is nothing new there...people have become mutants so to speak as to what we should/could do to better ourselves. I say "DON'T DO IT!". Don't buy into the race consciousness that we need to better our selves for 1, 2, maybe 3 weeks a year.

Posted by Sheron Cardin, ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend! (California Moods Inc) almost 13 years ago

Hey Sheron

I love those books, I have given a few out this year to some special ladies in my life. The gift package came with a beautiful tea cup, special tea and a Chicken Soup for the Soul. I would have loved to met Mark and I would also love to hear him speak. What I need to the New Year is a good SPIRITUAL Kick inthe can..When I put Christ first I know He will direct my paths...

Happy New Year

Phyllis Pafumi 

Posted by Phyllis Pafumi, ReStyled to Sell Staging Homes NJ (ReStyled to Sell Home Staging New Jersey) almost 13 years ago

Hi Phyllis,

I did too...great minds think alike! MVH has big seminars all the time but they are very expensive now...2 - 3 thousand dollars. He just had a one day seminar in southern CA that I didn't go to and can kick myself. I am going to look into what he has going on and we should all try to get to at least one in 07.  

Posted by Sheron Cardin, ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend! (California Moods Inc) almost 13 years ago

Hi Sheron,

What an interesting concept - approach the new year by looking back at the positives that you have accomplished!  It almost sounds like it could be a Feng Shui principle!

Have a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2007!

Posted by Val Allocco, HSE; ASHSR - Home Stager, for Manhattan, Brooklyn & Long Island (Staged 2 Sell New York & Long Island) almost 13 years ago

I studied under a modern mystic named Eiko Michi and she would say "You are where your feet are, no more and no less!"

It is a good Truth to live by. Val...know any fun Feng Shui tidbits?

Happy Living to you too.

Yin Yang

Posted by Sheron Cardin, ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend! (California Moods Inc) almost 13 years ago

"Tonights the night the world begins again..."

While these are not my words, they are the words of an amazing rock song that conveys my wish to you on this eve of a New Year.

Happy New Years!


Listen here: Windows or Quick Time

Posted by Craig Schiller almost 13 years ago
Oh Craig, that is a BIG ONE! I am going to take that on and what collides at new again...thanks!
Posted by Sheron Cardin, ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend! (California Moods Inc) almost 13 years ago
Thanks sooo much. Wonderful, timely words of wisdom. Here's to our continued success in 2007!  md
Posted by Michael Daly (Redfin Real Estate) almost 13 years ago