Sheron Cardin's Input...: Just for fun...take this quiz to find out if you have style...

I have been an interior designer for over 27 years and I have always taught my clients the principles I used while decorating their home so they may enjoy decorating too. The home staging trend in residential real estate is a great way to reach more people every day and what I enjoy the most is they are learning the basics of good design through staging. It is my dream for every person to know the joy and pride of living in a decorated home.

Just for fun...take this quiz to find out if you have style...

After you take the quiz and total your points, scroll down to the bottom of the window and see how much style you really have.

When you shop for your home, do you say...

  1. It's so cute - I'll find a place for it
  2. I better buy it now while it is on sale and I will make it work
  3. I finally found one that is comfortable and fits my legs
  4. The kids can't hurt this
  5. This goes with the other pieces in the room
  6. This is the right size and shape for the space
  7. Love it - can't live without it

When you look for a place for a new purchase, do you say...

  1. I'll put it here for now
  2. Everyone can see it from here
  3. It matches
  4. He or she will just love it here
  5. This will work wherever I put it
  6. This brings out my favorite color
  7. This is just what the room needs

When you walk through you home, do you say...

  1. I can't wait till we get to this room
  2. I just love Aunt Millies taste
  3. I can't wait to get out of the house
  4. It doesn't look bad there
  5. I think it looks good and that's all that matters
  6. I just love living here
  7. Yes, this is me

When people walk into your home, do they say...

  1. Where do you want me to sit
  2. Wow, you are really into antiques
  3. This house really hides the dirt
  4. Do you need any help
  5. It is always so cozy here
  6. Ah, I don't ever want to leave
  7. Hmm, I think I'll go home and try that

Now total your score. The highest is 28 points and the lowest is 4. Now scroll down to see how you did.





Keep scrolling...





Keep scrolling...





No peaking!!!






From 4 to 8 points: You must live in someone elses home or you are not involved with what goes on around there. If it is yours, you need to take control and make a space for yourself that you can call your own. If you don't know what you like...go to your closet. This will give you your first clue as to the colors that you like and the style that you like whether it is taylored and fitting or floral and fancy. If you cannot do much else but keep what you have then customize it by painting and recovering until you are comfortable. 

From 12 to 16 points You have an idea what your style is but you just can't get to it. You have the 'someday syndrome' going on. You have inherited most of your things or they are hand me downs or temporary fixes and you know what you want, you just don't have the time or the means to express your self.

20 points Your on your way and in the transitional period. You have ideas and you want to express them and they are unfolding little by little. Stick with it and you will get there.

24 to 28 points You have mastered your style and claimed your space. You can be trusted to help other people decorate their homes.  Obstacles thrown at you do not control you. You make choices from a secure place inside you and are free to create new beginnings.

Disclaimer: This quiz is just for fun and not to be taken too seriously. 


Comment balloon 5 commentsSheron Cardin • January 22 2007 05:03PM


This was a fun quiz.  Thanks for posting it, Sheron.  Good thing I got a's too late in the game to change careers!

Posted by Judy Kincaid almost 13 years ago
I should have known you would be the first to jump in. A 25...very impressive. Thank you!
Posted by Sheron Cardin, ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend! (California Moods Inc) almost 13 years ago

That was fun.  I got a 27. 

Posted by Kimberly Wester almost 13 years ago
Very cool. I thought I would take the quiz and I got 25. I wrote it but didn't take it...go figure! I wonder how many men have read this and just kept movin' on?
Posted by Sheron Cardin, ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend! (California Moods Inc) almost 13 years ago

I just loved this.  I like to take tests anyway.  Very cool idea and good points to get to see yourself as a decorator. 

My score was 26.  I was shocked!  Keep up the good work. I would like to hear your approach to those sellers that are resistant to staging.

Roberta "Dove" Lee

Century 21 Olde Tyme, Norco, CA

Posted by Roberta Lee, Norco Corona Riversid Homes For Sale (Century 21 Olde Tyme) almost 13 years ago