Sheron Cardin's Input...: I am proud to introduce 2 agents and 2 stagers to AR

I have been an interior designer for over 27 years and I have always taught my clients the principles I used while decorating their home so they may enjoy decorating too. The home staging trend in residential real estate is a great way to reach more people every day and what I enjoy the most is they are learning the basics of good design through staging. It is my dream for every person to know the joy and pride of living in a decorated home.

I am proud to introduce 2 agents and 2 stagers to AR

We have a few new members to welcome today. They have started their profiles so I let me introduce to you:

Lorraine Hickling with Remax Quality One Ltd. Brokerage in A jax, Ontario Let's make her feel comfortable with a warm welcome

Lynn Millen with ERA Four Seasons Realty in Midland, NC. I love the name Four Seasons, also my favorite hotel chain...first class.

Barbara Armstrong Is a home stager from  Kihei, HI. her company is called Home Remedies, Home Staging and Design. We have connections in great locations!

Leeanne Norlin, a home stager from North Fort Meyers, FL. her company name is The House Whisperer (I watch the dog whisperer all the time...great reference!)






Comment balloon 9 commentsSheron Cardin • January 26 2007 03:05PM


Sheron, I know how important it is to make new ActiveRainer's feel welcome.  Whenever I notice  new blogger on ActiveRain I will comment on their blog and welcome them to splash.  I also briefly was sending a welcome e-mail contact to new ActiveRain stagers when they joined (I need to start doing that again). 

However if you continue 'blogging' whenever someone/anyone joins ActiveRain some people might think you are just doing it for points.  I personally have noticed that you've shot up in the ranks. As a friend I just thought you should know that.  I know someone was recently all wound up about 'people blogging and commenting sensless stuff just to get more points (they later removed that comment from their post)' and as you may know I've recently found myself in someone's bad books......  Others do/will pay attention to what you post.

Also, I noticed that none of the people you're welcoming seem to be responding.  Do you link your welcome to them so that they know you are posting a welcome?  It seems pretty pointless to post words of welcome someone who is never going to see it. Maybe pop them an e-mail with the link if you continue as the welcome wagon....... :)

Posted by Jessica Hughes (Ambiance Staging) almost 13 years ago

Hi Jessica,

I hear what you are saying. I learned the hard way. I saw that Marci was posting welcomes so I thought that was what I was supposed to do and I did it individually. I didn't get any points for the 9 posts I made btw. Also, just received a group mailing introducing new members and I guess that is the best way to do it. Did not know that either. I invited my subscribers to join and 29 have signed up so far but only a few are posting. I sent each one an email from my business describing what groups to visit to orient themselves. I have about 8 more that have not activated their profiles yet and when they do, I will send them their welcome via the AR mail. Thank you for bringing this up because there is no way of knowing what to do unless it is written somewhere. As far as your doghouse situation...I will email you about that. Thanks again!

Posted by Sheron Cardin, ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend! (California Moods Inc) almost 13 years ago
Sheron, thanks for understanding.  I didn't think you got points for those posts, but I know that others might.  I wanted to do this publically so that would be known.
Posted by Jessica Hughes (Ambiance Staging) almost 13 years ago

Welcome, welcome, welcome, and welcome to Active Rain!  Let us know if we can help in any way!


Posted by Ernie Cabrera, Real Estate America (REAL ESTATE AMERICA - Ernie Cabrera) about 12 years ago
Welcome Everyone!!
Posted by Kimberly Uksik, Home Stager - Durham, Toronto, On. (Independent) about 12 years ago

Hi Sheron!

I personally thought you were just being nice as usual as your warm heart is obvious. No harm done on my account...and almost did the same thing after seeing your post. I've also had other friends join AR and didn't think to post a welcome to them...and I see perhaps I shouldn't. Oh well...

I thought it was nice :)

Posted by Minnesota Home Staging Firm, Minnesota (Minnesota Home Staging Network~ MN's Top Home Staging Firm) about 12 years ago
Hi Beth - I removed Maureen's comment. I suggested she contact via email the person she has a problem with. I invite my subscribers and when they join AR, I like to introduce them so they feel welcome...some stay and some fade away but I feel it is my responsibility to them. The kindness that you speak of is making comments on newcomers posts. Thank you Beth.
Posted by Sheron Cardin, ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend! (California Moods Inc) about 12 years ago

Hi again! I actaully didn't see Maureen's comment, but was referring to someone else who posted.  No harm done in my eyes anyway. I agree with your theory and still think it's a nice thing to do :)

Keep on keeping on...


Posted by Minnesota Home Staging Firm, Minnesota (Minnesota Home Staging Network~ MN's Top Home Staging Firm) about 12 years ago

Sheron, that was very sweet of you.  Ya know... you could have gotten more points if you did them individually ;).  But you didn't... you were just showing them a welcome :) I have always highlighted my invites... I consider it an introduction to AR.

Welcome Lorraine HicklingLynn Millen , Barbara Armstrong and  Leeanne Norlin .... you have come to a fabulous place.

Posted by Lori Kim Polk, Home Stager - Roseville, Sacramento ( Premiere Home Staging : Home Staging Services) about 12 years ago