Sheron Cardin's Input...: High End Decor - A Home Stagers Nightmare!

I have been an interior designer for over 27 years and I have always taught my clients the principles I used while decorating their home so they may enjoy decorating too. The home staging trend in residential real estate is a great way to reach more people every day and what I enjoy the most is they are learning the basics of good design through staging. It is my dream for every person to know the joy and pride of living in a decorated home.

High End Decor - A Home Stagers Nightmare!


High end sophistication is an acquired taste but once you have it, you just cannot deny the opulence and the complexity of the style...this room alone would run upwards of $30,000 or more to put together. Don't try this at home kids! Who could sleep in this there a feng shui consultant in the house?

I found this photo on the cover of the latest issue of Window Fashions magazine and it takes me back to a time when everyone wanted coordinating (matchipooh as we say in the biz) fabrics and papers!  It is obvious that the window fashion industry is trying to sell the decorators on the look which in turn sells it to the consumer who wants to have what is hot, new, in style. UGH! Home stagers are still stripping off the last wave of paper and fabric from the 70's and 80's. It s a nightmare.

Of course after all these years of texturing and faux painting every surface imaginable, patterns are due to reemerge bolder than ever but for me, this is taking it to the extreme.

The good news is; only the well to do can afford a room like this so they can well afford to have it stripped.

In the famous words of Popeye, "Shiver me timbers"





Comment balloon 16 commentsSheron Cardin • April 14 2008 11:24AM


You are quite right, Sheron.  There is a style for everybody, but just not everybody likes the style.  I also like this 'the well to do can afford a room like this and they can afford to have it stripped' - as Realtors, we just hope their ego is not hurt when asking them to do just that.  But I guess that's when we run to our reputable stagers :-) 

Sylvia Barry, Marin Realtor 

Posted by Sylvia Barry, Marin and Sonoma Real Estate Leading Expert (Coldwell Banker Previews International (#1 Marin_Sonoma_San Francisco_North_Bay)) over 11 years ago
It looks way too "busy" for my taste.  Of course, I don't make enough money to afford it.  Maybe that's a good thing...  :)
Posted by Debi Ernst, GRI, e-PRO, Broker/Sales Associate (St. Charles County, Missouri - Prudential Alliance Realtors) over 11 years ago
Yikes,... this would turn off some people.  I am all for cool things in my personal home, but appealing to the masses verses the few is better to get the home sold.  Good post.
Posted by Kim Sellers, Lake Arrowhead Realtor - BRE#01412099 - Lake Arrow (Lake Arrowhead, CA Coldwell Banker) over 11 years ago
Good morning Sheron - You are so right about this room, it would make it very hard to sell this home. Have a great day.
Posted by Pam Joffe (Solaris Realty) over 11 years ago
Hey Sheron, You are so right, a little extreme with  the pattern. I hope that you have a great week, Jim
Posted by Jim & Maria Hart, Charleston, SC Real Estate (Brand Name Real Estate) over 11 years ago
Hi Sheron!  Talk about visual stimulation overload.  I hope it doesn't come with matching pyjamas (lol).
Posted by Charlene Storozuk, Home Stager - Burlington Ontario (Dezigner Digz) over 11 years ago
Wow, that's pretty scary. Reminds me of the last time I removed wallpaper. We had to steam it off. What a mess.
Posted by Betty Knowles, TeamKnowles REALTORS® - Springfield MO Real Estate (Southwest Missouri Realty - over 11 years ago
Sheron ~ It does remind me of a 70's room.  I don't know if it's the black and white, but I find it bothers my eyes if I look at it too long.  I can't imagine what would happen if it was actually a room in my home! 
Posted by Kathy Passarette, L.I. Staging/Decorating (Creative Home Expressions) over 11 years ago
Sheron If they remove the wallpaper and paint it white and leave the rest it would actually look really nice
Posted by Fernando Rosado, 561-906-0050 or 561-840-8950 over 11 years ago
I have to agree - matching is out, coordinating is in. Opulence is definitely a little OTT (over the top) for me and I cannot work with people who have this style in mind. For staging, I think it's a bit too personal anyway.
Posted by Gabriele Campbell, ASP, CID (D F Campbell Ventures Group Inc.) over 11 years ago
One word Sheron, BARF!  That picture will send me straight to the fridge for a beer!
Posted by Terry Haugen STAGE it RIGHT! 321-956-2495 (Stage it Right!) over 11 years ago

LOL Terry!

Gabriel - you are being very very tactful.

Fernando - shhhhh! I can see it in a formal living room as a sofa and side panels with lime accents on my!

Kathy - just add a little foil and some go-go dancers ;)

Betty - for some reason wallpaper will peel off at the corners when you don't want it to and stick like crazy when you want to remove it!

Charlene - now pajamas...I would like those...with red slippers.

Jim - I am having a great week. It was 94 degrees here yesterday and it is only April...makes we want to go out and rent 10 movies and hunker down till it cools a bit.

Pam - the average person would not like it at all!

Kim - it just occurred to me...I may have just closed a few high-end doors on myself.

Debi - too!

Sylvia - if the sellers want to sell, they will let go of their attachments. 

Posted by Sheron Cardin, ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend! (California Moods Inc) over 11 years ago

Wow - that's a room to behold! We've run into this problem a bunch when doing celebrity homes. Too much money almost always equals bad taste and design that is rough to sell to new buyers.

Posted by Home Staging (Showhomes) over 11 years ago

Hi Thomas - I will bet you get some doozies where you are ;-)

Any pictures? When planning a high end style, resale is always taken into consideration will NEVER be a problem. Hense: poor taste.

Posted by Sheron Cardin, ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend! (California Moods Inc) over 11 years ago

This was on the cover of a drapery maazine ?!?!?!?  You have to look hard to find the drapes !  What POOR advertising for that company.

Posted by Connie Tebyani, Platinum Home Staging, Los Angeles and Ventura County (Platinum Home Staging, Inc. : RESA-Pro) over 11 years ago

Hi Connie - so true.

Posted by Sheron Cardin, ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend! (California Moods Inc) over 11 years ago